Which Workout Is Better For Over 40: 60 Minutes vs. 30 Minutes

Which Workout Is Better For Over 40? Workouts: 60 minutes vs. 30 minutes.

Which one is right for you?

A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine discovered that twenty-six out of fifty-eight men and women lost just two pounds after participating in a twelve-week cardio program. This gives an assurance that cardio is not the most effective way to transform your body. Although these poor men and women were made to go through five hours of cardio every week, a majority of them still did not get results.

Even those fortunate enough to get ‘results’ with cardio were only able to lose 6.7 pounds in twelve weeks, on the average.

Now, don’t you agree that it would be nice if there were special magic pills, foods and fat reducing workouts that would enable rapid weight loss and the development of that really toned and well sculpted body you have always yearned for?

Body fat vs. lean muscle

Although we all know that such magical quick-fixes do not exist, there is a very certain way to accomplish permanent results. Success in transforming your body is guaranteed simply by pursuing a complete and integrated fitness program that focuses on a change in body composition (body fat vs. lean muscle) rather than body weight. Lean muscle plays the most important role in any kind of fitness program.

Regardless of your interest in fat loss or muscle gain, lean muscle demands certain conditions in order to make for a positive alteration in body composition. Lean muscle demands that you:

  1. Burn off more calories than you take in everyday
  2. Create a consistent and effective exercise program or pattern to improve your metabolism.

The Most Essential Component of Your Total Body Transformation Program.

Your transformation program ought to provide you with a formula for total or complete success. It should provide you with: supportive nutrition, reasonable supplementation, resistance training, smart cardio, and personal assistance. Regular fitness programs most often isolate just one or two of these factors but your transformation program should put to use all five factors to really achieve long lasting, positive change.

Transformation program

You will be assisted by the 30-minute, 3-days-a-week transformation program that was created.

  • Identify what you need to do and why in order to accomplish your ultimate fitness goals.
  • You will understand the way your body works as well as transform your body.
  • You will find out how to make wise and well informed decisions based on a balanced nutrition and exercise program.
  • During this process, you will learn how to replace unhelpful habits.
  • Develop a new outlook, and how to absolutely take control of how your body looks and feels while also accomplishing a consistent, long-term fit and healthy lifestyle.

I will introduce you to all the five factors of fat loss and total body transformation. You can increase your chances of achieving and maintaining your fitness targets or goals by simply following the tips highlighted in this article.

The Benefits for You

The first thing most people certainly notice when they apply the Five Factors of Fat Loss is a most sudden and enormous change in their energy level. You will wake up in the morning and be shocked that you actually have energy!
As you begin to put quality fuel into your body regularly and in the correct amounts, and you improve your body functioning through a combination of smart cardio and resistance training, you will begin to appreciate what energy REALLY is!

Energy levels

As soon as you alter your habits and adopt a formula that assures results, you will begin to experience a change in your energy levels in as little as three to four days. So, typically, in the space of a couple of weeks you will begin to notice a change in the fitting of your clothes as they would become perhaps a little looser.

Prior to the commencement of this life-changing journey, you must embrace and live by the basic understanding that these articles are based on the premise of “progress, not perfection”.

Understanding and accepting that measuring your daily progress leads to improvement can save a lot of grief and frustration from the start.

Simply focusing on little, positive steps in everything you do is an important component to a permanent physical transformation. Wit some time, lots of commitment and


Maybe we want to look good for the wedding or party. Perhaps our jeans we wore last season can’t be buttoned anymore. Maybe we don’t seem as attractive to the opposite sex, or we can’t keep up with the kids.

Whatever the reason may be the goal is the same, shed pounds, trim and tone and get ourselves looking good. But there is more important reason to lose weight and get into shape—– it is living! Yes, live longer, more fit and with a better quality of life.

Being more overweight significantly affects your health. You have two choices:

  1. You can stay overweight, develop health problems and shorten your life span.
  2. Start a simple nutrition and exercise program so you look good, feel good and live longer.

To your Health
Chris Ownbey

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