Chris Ownbey: Certified Personal Trainer for Men and Women 40 & Over

Chris Ownbey is a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Top Ranked personal trainer who helps men and women 40+ improve their flexibility, balance, strength and look better, feel better and live longer happier lives.

About Personal Life:

Chris Ownbey is a husband of over 20 years and a father of two boys who are 24 years apart in age. He is also a proud grandfather to his granddaughter. He graduated from Plano Senior High School and got his degree from the University of North Texas. Served in the United States Marine Corps a powerlifter, bodybuilder and mixed martial arts competitor.

He is also an accomplished author with the following fitness e books to his credit:

  • Turn Back The Clock
  • Golf Fitness Caddie
  • Increase Your Flexibility At 50
  • How To Peak For Your Club Championship
  • L.I.F.E – Live, Inspire, Fulfill, Evolve

Personal Accolades:


  • City Voter ranked him among the top 5 trainers in Dallas
  • Competitive bodybuilder
  • 17-0 record in Mixed Martial Arts Tournaments
  • State Powerlifting Champion

Chris Ownbey is a regular guest at numerous fitness podcasts and has inspired many with his proven fitness techniques. He has been featured in numerous radio and tv shows like Good Morning Texas and ESPN Radio where he shares his ideas with his fans. The personal trainer for men and women 40 and over is also an ambassador for “Get Fit America”.