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Former Athlete Terry Finds Fitness Solution with Chris Ownbey

“Former Athlete Finds Fitness Solution with Personal Trainer Chris Ownbey”

There is something about being an athlete going through school.  you always seem to think you are going to be one. Such is the case with Terry Waters. A former college wrestler and baseball player. It always felt good to workout. Get your heart pumping and sweating while physically getting tired pumping a little iron. Most people don’t realize how much energy you gain afterward.  Taking care of your body does get addictive. It becomes a lifestyle. When you are young you think it’s going to last forever.

Then you meet the right girl, you get married, started a family.  He became a software engineer in Dallas while his family grew so did his responsibilities.  Now with 3 children it just seemed there was less and less time for the Gym. “For a little while, you convince yourself you’re still in pretty good shape,
” Waters remembers. “Sure, you’re a few pounds heavier. Sure, your blood pressure may even go up with all that good home cooking. But you’re still pretty healthy, right?” Still in pretty good shape. 

But time is flying by with kids starting school, school activities. Taking care of the house, the yard.  A few beers here and there. That extra slice of pie, some Oreo and milk watching the ball game on Saturday and Sunday.  The next thing you know Terry is 40 & twenty pounds heavier than he’d been in college. 
His blood pressure was nudging up into the danger zone, and his pre -diabetic and his cholesterol level was on the borderline of being medicated. 

That’s when he realized his father, who he didn’t consider an old man had been rushed to the hospital for heart bypass surgery after suddenly becoming short of breath one day while on a bike ride at 65. He never took care of himself now two years later is on medication for both high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. As Terry recalls, “I saw what had happened to my father and, believe me, I didn’t want to go there if I could avoid it.”  He decided it was time to get back to take action.

There are just so many men out there that fall into that scenario as they start a family. Your priorities do change. There always seem to me more important things as your family and business grows.  Sometimes you buy some weights a stationary bike or a treadmill. By the time you put them on EBay you’ve gained another 15 pounds as you have a nice belly going for yourself.  That 36 waist is now 42 as your belly done lapped over your belt and you bought some XL shirts you don’t tuck in anymore.  

It’s a very familiar dilemma so many middle-aged men fall into. Terry is not standing in a short line.  

As the years roll on you look up and you are now pushing 50. You realize you’ve suffered from low energy for years.  You’ve a physical, the doctor tells you what you already know. You need to exercise, you need to change your diet, you need to lose some weight.  For one very good reason. Strength training, eating better and staying active will help you live long enough to enjoy your family and all the things you’ve worked so hard for.  And you know it too. But it’s been nearly 30 years since you were that athlete you always considered yourself. It’s like you are starting over. You don’t even know where to begin.  It’s difficult to do on your own and going to the Gym with all the young flat bellies is not something you want to do. 

There has to be a better way. And when the time is right.
That is when you will do what hundreds of others have done and turn to Chris Ownbey.
A personal training for over 30 years who specializes in working with men and women 40 and over.
He offers both in person and online training.

He is what other have to say about Chris Ownbey.
“Chris Ownbey’s 30 minute fitness program for men and women 40 and over is not your regular gym session. The 30 minutes workouts are done in a private fitness studio where you can achieve your fitness goals without distractions. Someone who has a program that suits us men 40 +. Anybody who works with you. Someone who knows how to work with people our age.
Susan Whitten
Dallas Tx

Another client says:
“It’s the professionalism, the accountability and being in and out in 30 minutes that I like most”
Thomas J. Stephens, PhD | President| Plano Tx
If you are over 40 and want to continue to do the things you NEED to do, LIKE to do, and WANT to do, and enjoy doing them, then it’s imperative you start a workout program. Older athletes that strive to maintain or even improve upon the performance they achieved at younger ages can still accomplish amazing things.

To your Health
Chris Ownbey

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