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Your Dad’s Bod is hurting your kids

I’m 52 years old. I have two boys, 28 and 6. My 28-year-old grew up with me during my MMA and bodybuilding days. He saw me eating healthy and never missing a workout.

I agree. I was younger back then, it was more about vanity than longevity. My “why” was about winning bodybuilding shows, training for fights, my son did not have a choice, we lived fitness 24/7.

Today, I’m 52 years old. Retired from competitive sports. Neck surgery in Sept, back surgery in Dec. My 6-year-old is growing up in a different environment.

Do I still work out and eat better than the norm? Of course, I do not have a choice.

If I want to be a part of my young sons life and see him grow up and keep up with the little energizer bunny, I better train for it.

There are days when my 6-year-old son likes to come to the fitness studio with me. But today. He blew my mind. I looked up he had put together his workout routine.

He was rolling the physioball across the room and running after it to stop it, and roll it across the again.

Then he moved the Bosu ball close to the stretch cage and started jumping up and down. Then He started swinging back and forth between the bars, and finally place the bosu in the middle of the room and began jumping up and down on it. (little show off)

I ask, “What are you doing?” With a smile, they reply, “I’m building a workout circuit like you. Do you like it?” With tears of joy wiped away from my eyes, I thought about the 80% of the dads out there who are supporting the Dad’s Bod – a socially accepted term for the fat dad, which leaves the dad unaccountable for his actions and provides a way out.

I get it, sometimes you need to put 26 hrs in a 24 hour day. It’s called LIFE. No one said it would be easy. But it is your child, NOT a choice.

Man–up, stop being selfish and eating what you want, when you want. Do not play the blame game on family and work. Take complete ownership and be a role model for your kids.

Read the article here.

I’m 52 years old. Additionally, I work 60 to 80 hours a week, up at 4:00 am to prepare my food, and then head to bed by 10 pm after I get the kids in bed. Consequently, I’m proud to say that I believe the fitness lifestyle which I lead is already having a positive impact on my children, inspiring them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Get fit over 40 in Dallas, Tx .Take your health seriously, you never know who is watching.

To your Health
Chris Ownbey

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